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Are you ready to join the Pet Squad BXL family? We’ve made it as easy as 1, 2, 3! Once you successfully complete the steps below, you’ll be able to schedule or manage your bookings directly through the convenience of our online app or login page. Any questions along the way, head here. Otherwise, we’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

Step-by-step process


Create an account

Click on the book now button below to sign up / sign in for an account.


Fill out profile

Once your account is created, please complete your client profile and pet information.


Trial Day

When you’re done, send us a message through the portal so we can schedule your trial day.

Kindly reminder: All dogs must be on current anti flea and tick treatment and have the kennel cough vaccine to be able to stay under our care. Does your dog have the required vaccines for our care? Check it here
Small Puppy


Trial Day...?

For Dog Boarding, Daycare and Fun Squad Day we require a trial night or day before a more extended stay so that you can be at ease while away from your pup, knowing that your dog is familiar with the environment and other dogs.

For Dog Boarding we require a 7 days cancelation policy, or 50% of your total will be billed. For the rest of the services we require a 72-hour cancelation policy, or 20% of your total will be billed.

Please book as early as possible so we can plan accordingly. Spaces are limited and do book up quickly.

What is required to Pet quad BXL services?

All dogs must be currently on their vaccinations. All required vaccinations must be administered at least 48 hours prior to your pet’s appointment. See more terms & conditions.

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