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About Pet Squad Bxl

We want our clients to be our clients forever.
Because we know what it takes to create that necessary bond with your dog.

It takes time, work and a lot of patience and love to learn to understand their body language, to connect with them in order to make the experience as pleasant and positive as possible.

We will make your pooch feel at home, whether if that means rolling around on the floor wrestling with a puppy or sitting quietly with a senior pooch in declining health. It’s all part of what we do.

Pets Squad BXL Core Values


During their stay with the PET SQUAD BXL family we will take lots of photos and videos of your “little ones” so you can see how they are doing, how they are having fun and all the love they receive. Because we know that being away from them is difficult, receiving or sending regular news from them reassures and comforts us. We think as much about our faithful friends as we do about you, their human family.


Every pet is different. Some like belly rubs, others like fast-paced walks, others just like to snuggle. Tailoring the experience to your pet's specific needs & offering a helping hand It's what we do best.


For us safety comes first, therefore we will apply all our knowledge and best practices to operate in the safest possible manner for the entire Squad.


We care about the planet and the world we will leave to future generations. It is for this reason that we are committed to renewable and sustainable energy and to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible. We know it's a long way to be 100% eco-friendly but we want to get there.

Image by Celine Sayuri Tagami
Our Team

Meet Anny

Pet Squad Founder

Anny Fischer

Pet Squad Leader

Hello! I am Anny.

 After spending years in the hospitality industry in different positions from  bussing tables to managing a multi millions unit. I have decided to pursue a lifelong dream, which was to help others caring for their pets in times of need, since I have done it for many years as a hobby for family and friends, then COVID-19 happened and I decided to turn my hobby into my profession therefore during 2020-2021 I have obtained the Pet sitter and Dog groomer certifications.

With a very clear objective, that of giving priority above all else,to build a familiar, safe and reliable bond with the pets in our care, PET SQUAD BXL was born. giving peace of mind to the pet parent when they are away. For us quality treatment always goes above quantity. 


I am passionate about animals, and each pet that comes to my house is treated as a member of my family. Because our focus is to give affection, stimulation and structure to our beloved pets in a safe environment, while their parents are away.

Memberships & Certifications

Pet Sitting Certification
professional pet sitter
Dog Stylist Certification
dog groomer brussels
Pet Sitters International
pet sitter international
Pet Psychology Certification
Pet psychology certification Annyfischer

Want a helping hand?

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