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Full Grooming 

Service by Pet Squad BXL

Pampering grooming and quality time for your dog

The grooming destination that puts your pet's safety and wellbeing first

We're with your pet every step of the way

Pet Squad BXL full Grooming Service

From start to finish, we make your pet’s health & wellness our top priorities



We start the session with a general inspection on your dog to assess his coat condition and to look for any sign of undesired friends (fleas or ticks) or anything unusual. 



Once this is done we proceed with ears check & cleaning/plucking, tooth brushing, eye cleaning, nails clipping/grinding, bath with soothing shampoo and conditioner specific for your dog's coat type, then we apply the super yummy and safe blueberry facial to make the spa experience even better and safely clean your dog's eyes/face.





We towel dry your fur baby and blow/force-air dry the coat. A fully dried coat is essential to prevent skin problems.


Full Haircut

Then the fun part begins with a specific haircut based upon your dog’s breed standard and/or your individual style choice (always to remember we put humanity before vanity)




All this done with the most amazing natural based products enriched with essential oils and natural ingredients, the best for your dog and for the environment.

Our professional Dog grooming service includes ears check & cleaning, tooth brushing, nail trimming, bath with soothing shampoo, blueberry facial, blow dry and haircut-style


What is included:

Appointments are booked based on breed and type of service. On your first visit, expect to leave your dog for about 2 to 3 hours, depending on breed and coat condition.

We work one on one with your dog and your first visit is very important to us. We would like to get to know your dog so we can build a relationship with him or her.

We take extensive notes about the coat, desired haircut, and demeanor, so that for future visits we know ahead of time and can schedule a more precise appointment.

Note: If you have time constraints, please let us know ahead of time. You can also add daycare to the grooming session and have a more relaxing day for you and your dog.

Image by fatty corgi

Puppy Introduction

What is included:

Puppy 1st grooming experience service:


If you are the lucky parent of a puppy please ask for our puppy 1st grooming experience service.


With this service we'll slowly introduce grooming to your new baby, this way he/she will get used to the noises and the new environment that can sometimes be overwhelming (we won't do a full groom) we will go as far as we see the pup is comfortable with. The idea is to slowly make it a fun and nice experience for your dog.

Full Grooming Service Prices

Like people, dogs come in all shapes and sizes – no two are alike.  Because of this, pricing may vary due to the size of your dog, condition and length of coat, and temperament among other things.

This is the toughest part of the grooming business.

We have reference prices for each breed which you are always welcome to check below.

*Extra fees might apply depending on the dog's behavior.

X-Small Breeds

Short haired from 45€

Long haired from 55€

Small Breeds

Short haired from 55€

Long haired from 65€

Medium Breeds

Short haired from 65€

Long haired from 75€

Large Breeds

Short haired from 80€

Long haired from 95€

X-Large Breeds

45€/ hour all XL sizes